This is a very important question because many people get denied unemployment benefits because they do not understand the eligibility requirements. To be eligible for unemployment you must have lost your job through no fault of your own. You also must have worked for a certain amount of hours to receive the maximum benefits. For exact eligibility requirements you will need to refer to your local unemployment office. To get links for your unemployment office in order to check on your eligibility please select your State from our State map or from the drop down menu. Make sure you are prepared with the right answers before you apply for unemployment. Your goal should be to get approved.

Depending on how long you have been collecting unemployment you may have used up all that is available and will need to file an extension in order to continue to receive benefits. The good news is that congress has put in place unemployment extensions for up to 2 years out. In order to get the proper eligibility process underway to apply for an unemployment extension you will need to access your local unemployment office’s resources. To get links for your local unemployment office please select your State from the State map or the drop down menu.

Unfair workplace treatment is never a good thing and you should not be subject to it. Try to have a good summary of your unfair workplace treatment in case you need to refer to it to prove your claim, or in order to sue your employer at a future date. An especially harsh working environment that forces you to quit could be construed as a constructive discharge that would make you eligible to receive unemployment benefits. Consult a competent employment lawyer if you wish to know all your legal options beyond that of your unemployment claim. Your local unemployment office can also answer questions regarding unfair treatment and eligibility to collect unemployment benefits. To get links for your State unemployment office please select your State on the State map or from the drop down menu.